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AYITI MANMAN is a consortium of companies on the Island of AYITI founded by a visionary Matriarch and a principled Patriarch in January 1983.

To be honest, we though the blue color that came with the branding was not going to work out and i’d be a hard task creating a nice, cool website. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the opposite, it became one of our coolest landing pages, and the blue color played the major part in it. We love working with Wendy Pierre and it was yet another great experience working with him. The website showcases the company intro, mission, vision and portfolio, divisions, offerings and contact info with a form for the visitors to get in touch.

Technology: Html5/ CSS3.0/ PHP/ MySQL/ Particle JS

Platform: WordPress

Type:  Landing Page

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Commercial real estate landing page development
Commercial real estate mobile responsive landing page development
Commercial real estate landing page development

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