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GM Realty Advisors Inc. was established in 1992 to offer a full spectrum of commercial real estate services. Our goal was to create a one pager landing page working with George P. Molloy. The idea was to create a nice and pleasing representation without going too crazy and funky with the design.

We started off with a nice set of imagery representing the business along with a tagline at the home screen followed by some design element to break the box feel. We like to break the different sections on a single pager website by creating alternate sections with white backgrounds and/or colored/image based backgrounds to create a contrast and a flow the viewer’s eye. This helps us navigate the visitor through the landing page and conveying the message efficiently, with a clean flow from the main image to the company intro, followed by services, Broker introduction ending on contact section.

Technology: Html5/ CSS3.0/ PHP/ MySQL

Platform: WordPress

Type:  The Essentials Website

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Commercial real estate landing page development
Commercial real estate mobile responsive landing page development
Commercial real estate landing page development

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