Commercial Real Estate CRM and Contact Management

No doubt the commercial real estate CRM or contact management system is a staple of our industry. In our business, it’s crucial that you’re touching base, making phone calls, following up, sending out email marketing campaigns and scheduling meetings with existing and prospective clients. During a busy day of business development, transaction management and lead generation, it can be difficult or near impossible to measure success and schedule the appropriate follow ups without the right commercial real estate CRM in place.

Solutions for Real Estate

Contact Management

Built to Suit Brands will make your commercial real estate CRM transition seamless, quick, and easy. We’ll work with you directly to identify the right solution, and then implement the new technology inside of your practice.

  • Solutions for Commercial Real Estate CRM and Contact Management

    After you’ve determined the right database  and have integrated the technology with your teammates and mobile devices, it’s time to transfer data and start tracking activities. A new database is a great opportunity to cleanse existing data and ensure that all of the contact information going inside of the new system is in good shape.

    We’ll cleanse contact data, run email verification checks and transfer all information from your existing Contact Management System to your new database. When your database is ready to go, we’ll train you and your teammates on the best ways utilize groups, handle different contact types & relationships, make appointments, attach documents, take notes & histories, create reports and several other important tasks and ways to navigate the database.

    Your contact management system will require on-going attention – because of this you might want to consider an outsourcing solution to handle the day-to-day maintenance of your new CRM.

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