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Harkins Commercial, Inc has evolved into a comprehensive commercial real estate firm that offers a full range of business-oriented services. Mark Harkins, son of the company’s founder Bill Harkins, brings a background in construction, business, and finance to enhance the expertise required to handle the complex needs of commercial real estate clients and investors.

We would call this a classic design, simple lines a bit of a curve to start with, followed by straight line, boxes, icons and light and dark sections. This website has a huge blog section, the client likes to keep talking about the CRE industry to keep engaging with the audience on a routine basis. The listings on the website are powered by BTS Properties, services are listed with detail pages and finally, there is a contact from at the bottom of every page so the visitors can get in touch by the website admin with their questions.

Technology: Html5/ CSS3.0/ PHP/ MySQL

Platform: WordPress

Type:  The Essentials Website

Listings: BTS Properties

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