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Horvath & Tremblay is an Investment Real Estate company with offices based in 12 different locations in 8 states across United States. This website was a unique project, as we had to combine two of their division, retail and multi-family and the parent website to design one website. On client request we had to keep the WordPress theme Avada and design within the Avada visual builder environment. We usually like to do it custom but in this case we worked with Avada WordPress theme and with a combination of theme options and custom html/css/js, designed the website according to the design specificaitons. In recent past several pages were redesigned with the design provided to us by the client, which we coded with a combination of Avada options and custom code.

Technology: Html5/ CSS3.0/ PHP/ MySQL/Avada WordPress theme

Platform: WordPress

Type:  High Performance Website

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Commercial real estate website development

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