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National Multifamily is an expert on this specific niche of the commercial real estate market and focus on properties with five or more units.

This website was a challenge for us in terms of listing data and how the user will interact with the listings. The client was very specific about the information he wanted to display up front, and how the detailed info was to be delivered to the visitor before signing up to the website with contact info. Gathering the contact info from the visitor was very important because the property detail page share a lot of financial data about the property that includes the current and potential expenses which are calculated to show the NOI. The backend of the website allows the web admin to enter the financial data for the properties, which works like a calculator to display multiple calculations.

The website uses a highly customized copy of our BTS Properties plugin.

Technology: Html5/ CSS3.0/ PHP/ MySQL

Platform: WordPress

Type:  The Essentials Website

Listings: BTS Properties

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Commercial real estate website development
Commercial real estate mobile responsive website development
Commercial real estate website development

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